Sonic Playground’s new release:SPD#019: Velvet Morning – Octocity / Clouds Come First

elevt morning  innSPD#019: Velvet Morning – Octocity / Clouds Come First

Release date: Mar 19, 2014

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Λιγα λογια για τους Velvet Morning

Velvet Morning is a project of 19 year old singer songwriter Samuel Jones. Hailing from a seaside town called Leigh-on-Sea Sam deals with exploring sounds he describes as ‘Smooth Psychedelia’. The sound of Velvet Morning was born from listening to copious amounts of psych from the last 50 years or so and inspired by various recording techniques and the idea of capturing a specific personal identity through pushing obscure sounds into a modern pop structure. With a strong focussed groove based rhythm section, djangly, atmospheric effect layered guitar work, huge reverberated melodies combined with the very surrealist lyrics sometimes being almost fictional talking of psychological and occasionally physical feelings with the evolution of band mates Chris Richardson (drums), John Kirkwood (bass) and Luke Elgar (guitars) the bands sound only becomes more vivid, ethereal and euphoric.

Artwork : Stavros Rossos (