Sonic Playground’s New Release : Das Ding / / Triffid Farm – We Can Rebuild Him

das dingin

Η νεα κυκλοφορια του Das Ding “Triffid Farm – We Can Rebuild Him” ειναι διαθεσιμη για να την κατεβασεις δωρεαν απο το

SPD#011 : Das Ding / / Triffid Farm – We Can Rebuild Him

Release date: Sep 20, 2013
Artwork : Nikos Dervisis (

Λιγα λογια απο τον Das Ding

‘I started recording in 1981, with a lot of borrowed equipment. It was fun to do, and everyone was doing music, so me and my friend Johan started a cassette label. We made some tapes, did some gigs, but things moved on. In 2007, 433rpm, of the exhaustive music blog ‘No Longer Forgotten Music’, posted some of my old Das Ding tapes, and Veronica Vasicka- who runs the New York based ‘Minimal Wave’ label and specializes in reissues of 80s synth-wave- contacted me, now living in Rotterdam, to propose the release of a Das Ding album. Old tapes were uncovered, and Minimal Wave released a remastered version of ‘HSTA’ and other tracks, in 2010. A wave of renewed interest followed the record’s release and soon people were in touch to propose live shows. Twenty years later, and after some deliberation, Das Ding was reincarnated under its old moniker but now with a revised line-up and a working set-up that reflected inevitable technological change. Suddenly, Das Ding was a ‘Dutch electro-pioneer’ and the apparent pinnacle of ‘Minimal Wave’.
These two songs are ressurected demos, I guess. My attempt at doing television show themesongs, inspired by ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, (We Can Rebuild Him) and ‘The Day of the Triffids’ (Triffid Farm). I am very much a film buff, as they say, and secretly imagine all my tracks to be soundtracks to some movie I haven’t seen yet.