SONIC ANGELS (FR) + THE DARK RAGS live @ After Dark (Saturday 19/05)


Saturday – 19 – May, at After Dark! Be there at: 22:00.


On The Deckz: Sylvie Angel! & Rumble Skunk! (Free breakfast included) 🙂

Sonic Angels started out in 2005 with the intention of keeping up the tradition of captivating, melodically inspired and wild punk rock garage bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s! Their first demo was immortalized on a split record with the legendary punk-rocker Kevin K, offering two tracks with finely chiselled tunes recorded at the Subsonic. The Sonic Angels are pushed forward by this non-stop action duo. As soon as they met they set up Lola Product, and after two years spent inside the Spanish rock scene, they created the Subsonic in Montpellier in 2001, a hyperactive place, with an untamed spirit. At the same time, they set up Speed Records studio and record label. In 2005 saw the light of day their first album “Wild City Rock’n’Roll”! The whole stuff recorded live in the street on June 21, 2005, mixed and mastered at Subsonic Studios and released only on vinyl, available for the rock’n’roll vinyl-junkies out there! You will find lots of crude-punk-rock’n’roll originals such as “To Be OK”, “Get Lost”, “Why Don’t You See”, “I Don’t Need”, “At The Country”, “Dark’N Blue”, plus really wild covers of “All Sold Out” (Dead Moon), “Sheena” (Ramones) and “Black Lorraine” (Sin City Six). In 2008, the Sonic Angels recorded their first-studio album “Times Are Changing” in Madrid under the direction of Norah Findlay (Pleasure Fuckers, Sin City Six…) at the Rock Palace studio. In August 2009, Sonic Angels returned to the Subsonic studio for what became their second album “Learn, Love, Care and Celebrate”. This record was recorded in order to bring 12 original Sonic Angels tracks and twelve covers of their favourite bands (Ramones, Stooges, 13th Floor Elevators, Kinks, Dead Moon, Johnny Thunders, T-Rex, Syd Barrett, Neil Young, Rose Tattoo, The Undertones…). In 2010 toured to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France in April, to Spain in July.
Their latest full-length came out in 2010, titled “Don’t Mess With The Angels” and it’s totally cool!!! Sonic Angels are closer than ever to the roots of rock’n’roll and punk high energy, mixing the hot stuff from this shit called rock’n’roll, plus some psych-out influences here and there. A line-up welded together by fierce heat… On stage with over 300 gigs in under five years in Europe, USA, and in Mexico, the Sonic Angels have brought their set to become an extremely powerful and at the same time physical machine which reflects the energy of bands for whom rock’n’roll is a way of life, of thinking and of breathing!!! SONIC ANGELS are coming down to Earth, Greece, Athens for your ultimate rock’n’roll pleasure!!!

(Wild City Rock’n’roll/Montpellier)

Records: 7” split with Kevin K (Speed Rcds 2005), “Wild City Rock’n’Roll” (Speed Rcds 2005), “Times are Changing” (Speed Rcds 2008) “Learn, Love, Care and Celebrate” (Speed Rcds 2009), “Don’t Mess With The Angels” (Speed Rcds 2010)

Some Words:
“Good stuff especially the guitar work, very retro and psychedelic without sounding like copies of 60’s classics. Good luck with Sonic Angels and the LP”. Toody/ Dead Moon – Pierced Arrows Feb 2011.

“In vocal and instrumental raw power, this power trio has gained mastery over the lush effect of wah wah echo and swamp pit reverberation. From their hideout in Monpellier, these alchemists of sonic transubstantiation have been rolling back the parameters of accepted Tone Science since 2001. Look out for your happy home. The Sonic Angels are coming to your town”. Tav Falco January 2011


The Dark Rags:

DD: Vocals, Guitars
Tolis: Guitars
Sidny Sinz: Bass, Backing Vocals
L.A.: Drums

The Dark Rags are a Garage/Punk/Rock’n’Roll band from Athens, Greece that formed in May of 2010, initially starting out as a three piece, one time side project by members DD, Sid, and L.A. Following the summer of that same year, and after receiving a great audience reaction aside from their own feeling of what they did felt right, The Dark Rags decided to stick together and a few weeks later recorded their first self released limited edition E.P titled, “Drunken Angel E.P” released in October of that year. Soon after the release they were joined by Tolis on second guitar and remain that way till present day. Influenced by 60’s garage and rock’n’roll, 70’s New York punk, and the Australian garage revival scene of the 80’s as well contemporary bands of the genre, The Dark Rags deliver a set filled with catchy power pop, heartbroken junky ballads and straight up in-your-face rock’n’roll. Soon after the release of the Drunken Angel E.P, they set out playing shows throughout the Athens underground scene with numerous other local bands leaving their mark on stage with their dynamic performances and catchy hooks. April of 2011 found them on stage with New York singer/songwriter Mark Steiner (who now resides in and is an important figure of the Oslo underground scene). After a successful night, were the band opened the show and later on in the set, joined Steiner for a number of tracks, future plans were made to record a single together. The following month the Dark Rags set out to Germany for two shows in Berlin, were they were joined by local resident keyboardist, Mike Strauss (Les Hommes Sauvages, Richard Ruin) on the organ. Later in June they were included on GRGPNK Records’ compilation album “You Got Your Punk In My Garage: The Best Of The Garage Punk Hideout”. In between their live performances, the group got in the studio for the second time to record their follow up self-titled L.P with participation from Mike Strauss on the organ. The album was released by Fuzz Overdose Records in October 2011 on C.D and is scheduled to be released on vinyl in the near future…
Future plans of the band, besides further shows inside Greece include a tour abroad for the promotion of their album.
Their first 3-track 7” EP called “Underground” will be out soon via Rumble Skunk Records!!!

October 2011:The Dark Rags CD (Fuzz Overdose Records)
June 2011 V/A: You Got Your Punk In My Garage (GRGPNK Records, USA)
October 2010 :Drunken Angel EP (Self Released)
Facebook: TheDark Rags

AFTER DARK (Didotou 31 & Ippokratous, Exarchia)