Sarcastic Four @ Closer (Fri 21/12)


Sarcastic Four: It’s All About Penny 

Friday 21/12 @

Closer Alternative Bar

It’s been a while, but we’re here. Throwing the last sarcastic party of the year honoring a mighty girl and all her awesomeness. It will be the same on the outside, the Closer bar, the four dj’s (3 too many), the drunken friends, the too drunk to be there friends, the tequilas, the rest of the puny drinks, the anxiety, the fun, the ending with the sun shaming us, but this time….oooh this time…well you’ll see. (no you won’t).

Come after 23:00. Do the end of the world thingie at home and come after.


Wanted Man
Noise Annoys

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