Rumble Skunk Recs presents: All About Rock’n’Roll Science@Closer,Sat 14/12

WEB CLOSER 14 DEK innRUMBLE SKUNK RECORDS presents: All About Rock’n’Roll Science! (Saturday-14-December), at: CLOSER (Ιπποκράτους 150, Εξάρχεια). A journey to tyme via the cool eras of Rock’n’Roll, presenting only the hot stuff!!! Be there at: 11:30!!! Come where the action is and have fun! Stay cool, fire it up!

A box with hot vinyls of our first release: LORDS OF GRAVITY – “The Curse Of Icarus” will be available as well, and especially for this night the price will be 10 Euro!!! So, come and drink some booze, beers & be sure to grab a copy!!! It’s What’s Happening Babe!!!