Kαινούργιο e.p. για τους wise lines

Dear friends,

It’s been almost 6 months since the last time we shared our news with you. Time flies by quickly and we’ve been working hard preparing our next steps…

After experiencing our music broadcasted during summer through prestigious radio stations and music websites across Europe and USA – highlighted also in Eddy Temple Morris’ radio show “The Remix” on XFM (London’s premier indie radio station) – we are back in action with our 3rd E.P titled “Fading History” released on October 12, 2012. This new E.P. contains 3 tracks: “So Strong”, “What D’ You Want” and “I Wanna B U” and can be found in a maximum sound quality format only at: http://wiselines.bandcamp.com/

The opening track (“So Strong”) – which has been already become one of the favorite tunes among the friends of the band and the audience in our recent live gigs – is available as a free download (!) while the whole bundle E.P. (incl. artwork) is up for grabs for 2 euro ONLY. There is also a video clip for “So Strong” directed once again by Michael Boussounis which you can enjoy at: http://youtu.be/dsUFvl5ooLI

The line-up of the band remains stable and solid: Ted Sourvinos (vocals & guitars), Niki Papagiani (vocals), Jim Floratos (guitars), and George Stasinopoulos (drums). As always, responsible for studio productions/programming is Anthony Georgou while ShiftPlusSlash team – with its impressive visual shows – accompanying WISE LINES gigs and making them just unique!

So that’s all….more or less. Really soon we will announce a gig to celebrate our new release and more news will follow.

Till then,
Take Care!

P.S. For more info, sounds and images: