Artist To Check Out : Lula Mae Barnes

lulamaebarnes innLula Mae Barnes was born  in Texas, left the husband she married as a teenager and abandoned relatives she loved. She went to New York, and achieved “café society” status through relationships with wealthier men under the name of Holly Golightly. Truman Capote once said about her that she is an American Geisha, and that is partially right, but most importantly she is a girl stealing turkey eggs and running through a brier patch, dreaming of Tiffany’s and Argentina, singing about huckleberry friends and imagined rivers on the backstairs. She and her “Fred baby” (Vag Avionc, former bass player of a band named Closer) co-created some of the songs of her album. She is still unsigned, independent as hell, writes music for colours, lyrics for ghosts, and tunes in and out of what you call emotion.